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Are You Ready to Lighten Up?


Are You Ready to Lighten Up? Ahhhh, the Holidays! The lights, the music, the love, the…weight gain! Oh no!  Yup, it’s a known fact that the Holidays add an average of 7 lbs on the scale, and those lbs don’t always come off after January 1st! Purify Skin Therapy has a blend that can help, […]

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Giveaway Winner ~ Get Your Summer Body with Lighten Up Blend


We have a Winner for the Lighten Up Blend The Lighten Up Giveaway Memorial Day has passed and we are in the full summer swing of things!  Lighten Up Blend is a premium grade, organic essential oil, the perfect addition to supercharge your weight loss plan. Purify Skin Therapy’s new oil blend, Lighten Up, is specifically formulated […]

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