Detox Your Body with Essential Oils

The start of the year brings a renewed desire to be healthy, and nothing says healthy more than detoxing your body. Here are 5 essential oils that can help.


Body Detox: 5 Must-Have Essential Oils

The start of the year leaves many people with a renewed resolve to get healthy and develop better habits, and nothing gives you a better start toward reaching your goals than detoxifying your body. If you’re not quite sure what products to use or what kind of cleanse to do, we have two words: essential oils. Here are 5 essential oils your body can benefit from during a cleanse, helping remove toxins from your body and improve your overall health.

Important note: When using essential oils for detoxing you want to be sure they are USDA certified organic and carry the organic seal on the label. You want to make sure there are no harmful toxins in there. ALL of Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are USDA certifeid organic and wildcrafted.

1. Lemon

When it comes to essential oils, lemon is one of the best for so many reasons given the effect it can have on your body both mentally and physically. In addition to helping you gain clarity of mind, lemon oil is very beneficial in helping your body fight off infection by stimulating your white blood cells. Lemon oil has been said to help reduce inflammation, free up the respiratory and lymphatic systems, and even act as a possible prevention of cancer. Lemon in also a fantastic oil to detox your liver and works well to detox your body through the liver.

2. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is excellent for soothing the digestive system by calming an upset stomach or helping stimulate your digestive system. Also known to decrease inflammation, peppermint oil is said to support the gallbladder in addition to helping improve and maintain concentration. Not to mention, this oil has a refreshing, clean smell, making it pleasant to apply topically or use in the bath.

3. Patchouli

Although it’s not recognized for its health benefits nearly enough, patchouli oil is another excellent oil to add to your detox diet. Known to help improve sex drive, patchouli is great for detoxifying both the mind and the body and improving mood. If ingested, patchouli can have a diuretic effect, allowing you to easily cleanse your digestive system.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is another amazing oil that can offer so much to your detox cleanse. This oil is excellent for your mental health, while helpful in improving circulation, working as an anti-inflammatory, improving digestion, and even acting as a diuretic. Whether inhaled or applied topically, you can reap many benefits from the use of rosemary oil.

5. Myrrh

Often associated with the three wise men, myrrh is another oil that doesn’t receive the acclaim it deserves. In addition to having microbial and astringent properties, myrrh is known to act as an immune booster, improving circulation, and acting as an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory at the same time. Myrrh is also known to improve the digestive system, prevent infection, help release congestion from your system, and increase perspiration, allowing your body to rid itself any toxins present.

Get Started Now

Why wait? Get started now and be on your way to a healthier you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of essential oils and purchasing some of your own, contact us today.

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Why You Should Add Chamomile to Your Medicine Cabinet

Are you looking for a new oil to add to your repertoire? Consider chamomile oil with its many benefits, including those for mind, body, and soul.

Oil Spotlight: Chamomile

Chamomile Roman2Chamomile German

Chamomile is an often undervalued oil that offers a myriad of benefits for not just your physical health, but also for your mental health and beauty routine. Here are some benefits and uses for this amazing oil that you may not be aware of.

What is Chamomile Oil?

So what exactly is chamomile oil? Derived from the flowers of the chamomile plant, the two types of chamomile oils available each offer different benefits. Roman Chamomile tends to have a more calming effect, while German Chamomile is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Although different in composition, both types of chamomile oil are excellent for treating many of the same conditions.

Mental Health Benefits

In addition to having a calming effect on people, chamomile is also known to have an antispasmodic effect, promoting relaxation. It has proven itself effective in helping people manage depression, as chamomile can decrease and possibly even eliminate feelings of depression, sluggishness, and sadness, while leaving users with a happier mood. Roman Chamomile especially is also good at helping calm anger, specifically in children, while curbing annoyance and irritation, encouraging better mood and mental health.

Physical Health Benefits

Aside from being anti-inflammatory, chamomile is known to help with digestion and encourage the proper functioning of the stomach, while helping maintain health in the liver, and keeping bile flowing properly. Chamomile can help boost the nervous system, detoxify the blood while stimulating the circulatory system, expel gas from the stomach and intestines, relieve pain, and even lower blood pressure. Some research suggests that chamomile may be an effective tool in fighting and preventing cancer.

Beauty Benefits

The benefits of chamomile far extend just health and wellness issues—both types of chamomile oil are known to be helpful for both skincare and haircare. Chamomile is excellent for nourishing the scalp, strengthening hair, keeping hair moisturized, and even acting as an anti-dandruff and great solution for the treatment of lice. Chamomile is particularly effective in treating acne, decreasing the redness and inflammation of blemishes, and making scars less visible.

Take Control of Your Health

Are you ready to give chamomile oil a try and see what benefits you’ll reap? Whether you’re looking for help with skin problems, an improvement in your ability to relax, or just some help with digestion, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with the help of chamomile oil. Inhale the oil for help with mood, apply directly to your abdomen for help with digestion, and apply directly to your face to manage acne and other skin issues.

At Purify Skin Therapy, we have an oil to fit your needs. Call us today to place your order!


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What to Look For in Superior Essential Oils ~ How to Tell the Difference

The Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World Have the Following:

1. Certified Organic

This is so important! If your essential oils are not certified organic and carry the USDA seal right on the label of every bottle, then there are toxic pesticides in that oil. When using medicine from plants, you must ensure that you are getting those plants that are completely unsprayed. The only way to guarantee this is to verify that each oil is certified organic or wildcrafted. 80% of all Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are USDA certified organic.


2. Wildcrafted

This is the other highest quality oil. Wildcrafted essential oils grow in the wild, are not sprayed, and are ethically and sustainably harvested. The other 20% of all Purify Skin Therapy’s essential oils are wildcrafted. If a bottle of essential oil is really wildcrafted it will state “wildcrafted” right on the label. Otherwise, it is not.

3. When it comes to essential oils say NO to conventional farming

Conventional farming is where they use billions of pounds a year of toxic pesticides, larvicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. sprayed on the plants. These toxic chemicals come through the extraction process and are concentrated in the resulting essential oils produced from conventional farming – toxifying the essential oil. It’s ironic that all those big companies selling oils ONLY have this grade of oil, yet claim to have the best oils! Be careful of these false marketing claims. Purify Skin Therapy is the ONLY company in the state of Utah that does not carry ANY (not one!) conventional grade essential oils. Most other essential oil companies ONLY have this grade. You can identify conventional grade essential oils because they have “100% therapeutic grade” written on the label, or other such language, but do not say ORGANIC or WILDCRAFTED on the label.

3. Tested for Quality

Purify Skin Therapy runs each batch of oil through 9 stringent quality tests including GC/MS lab work, optical rotation, and organoleptic testing by a certified professional, just to name a few.

4. The company has a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Purify Skin Therapy is also the only company in the state of Utah who has a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Let me say that again….We are the only company in Utah that has ANYONE actually TRAINED in aromatherapy! You know those big essential oil companies that sell tons of oils? None of them have anyone actually trained or certified in correct aromatherapy. That should say something to you! Get your oils and your aromatherapy advice from someone who knows what they’re doing!

5. Bottled in cobalt blue glass bottles

Purify Skin Therapy uses only cobalt blue glass bottles. They cost four times more than the cheap amber brown bottles, but cobalt blue glass protects your precious essential oils better from light and UV rays. Essential oils in cobalt blue glass bottles will have longer shelf life.

7. Hand bottled

Again, Purify Skin Therapy is the only essential oil company in Utah that only hand pours or hand bottles the essential oils. This prevents the cross contamination of machine bottling, and ensures you are ONLY getting the pure oil listed on the label.

Purify Skin Therapy

We are the only company in the state of Utah that offers you all of these quality points, and more. Are these points important to you? They are to us, and they make such a difference in the quality of your essential oils. One smell and you can smell the difference this attention to quality makes! Try them and you too will see the difference.


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Best Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Don’t let the cold, dry air of winter months rob you of your beautiful, smooth skin. Use these essential oils to keep your skin moisturized the natural way.

What Are The Best Essential Oils For Dry Skin?


The cold, dry air of winter is not a friend to your skin. Dry, chapped skin, depending on its severity, can range from annoying to painful. No one wants to deal with cracked hands or feet, and essentially everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of smooth, beautiful skin from head to toe.

Essential oils offer a natural way to moisturize your skin. You can enjoy smooth, bright, beautiful skin without exposing yourself to all of the harsh ingredients found in many of today’s products. When using essential oils to support the skin it is recommended to dilute these concentrated essential oils with a good organic carrier oil like grapeseed, or jojoba oil. This helps also to keep the skin moisturized. Use the following oils to get beautiful skin naturally.


Lavender is a great option for almost all skin types. There are several ways you can apply this oil. You can mix three to four drops with a tablespoon of base oil and rub the mixture into your hands every day. You can mix it with a moisturizer, put it in a homemade body scrub, etc. It’s very versatile.

As an added benefit, lavender is one of the best-loved scents and is well known for its calming effects. Who wouldn’t want smooth hands and a calm, less-stressed mind?

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil offers a beautiful fragrance as well as moisture. It can help improve your skin’s elasticity and smooth the fine lines that develop on dry, well-used hands.

Simply mix a few drops into a carrier oil, and rub it into your hands, mix it with your lotion of choice, or even add a couple of drops into your bath water.


If you’re looking for toned, smooth skin, geranium can be very helpful. In fact, it works for both dry and oily skin. Geranium stimulates new skin growth and helps regulate sebum production.

You can use a few drops in a DIY face mask to help revitalize your skin. You could also choose to add 4-5 drops of geranium to 2 oz of water in a spray bottle and lightly spray the mixtures on your dry skin.


Roses are known throughout literature, gardening, film, and romance for their beautiful scent. Fortunately, rose oil also offers great benefits for those suffering from dry skin as well.

Rose oil nourishes dry, chapped skin. It helps your skin retain its moisture. You can add a few drops to your homemade lotions, skin masks, moisturizers, etc. to magnify the effects and leave you with smooth, soft, skin.


As always, when using essential oils you want to make sure that they are certified organic and have the USDA seal right on the label for the cleanest, most toxin-free oils. Purify Skin Therapy proudly offers you the largest selection of USDA certified organic essential oils. and is committed to the purest, cleanest, most effective essential oils.

Fight your dry skin with natural, powerful ingredients. To learn more about essential oils, or to order ones to help your skin, call us today.


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5 Reasons Your Home Needs Bergamot Essential Oil

5 Reasons Your Home Needs Bergamot Essential Oil

 (and make sure it’s certified organic!)


Bergamot is an excellent essential oil to add to your medicine cabinet, offering not only physical benefits but emotional benefits that anyone can reap.

Oil Spotlight: Bergamot

Of all the essential oils on the market, bergamot is perhaps one of the most undervalued and underutilized on its own. While present in many expensive perfumes, bergamot offers more than just a pleasant smell. Here are 5 benefits you can reap by introducing bergamot into your essential oils collection.

Emotionally Calming

Bergamot is beneficial emotionally and mentally on a variety of levels because of its ability to calm. This oil is known to offer a boost in energy and improvement in mood, acting as a natural antidepressant, while also helping stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin, both of which help reduce anxiety and stress. In addition, bergamot is known to help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, thus helping you feel better overall.

Helpful with Digestion

Often applied to the stomach or abdomen, bergamot can be beneficial in helping your body with digestion by working to increase the secretion of enzymes, bile, and acids essential to the digestive process. As an added benefit, bergamot is helpful in reducing constipation, relieving gas and bloating, preventing complications of the gastrointestinal system, and helping you maintain regular bowel movements.

Improves Your Skin

Offering a variety of benefits for your skin, bergamot is an excellent oil to use for facial cleansing. Not only does this essential oil remove excess natural oil from your face, but it’s also great for balancing out skin tone by decreasing dark spots, fading blemishes and acne marks, and healing scars. There’s also the added benefit of inhaling the oil as you cleanse, helping reduce your stress. Note that bergamot essential oil is photosensitizing and should not be used topically on the skin in the morning or 12 hours before going out into the sun or UV rays.

Eliminates Odor

In addition to offering a pleasant smell, bergamot is effective in eliminating odor. This oil can be used as a deodorant to prevent germs that cause body odor from growing, which ultimately allows you to smell fresh and clean. Bergamot is also useful in masking moldy and musty smells in a room and is excellent in helping refresh carpet and upholstery.

Prevents Infection

Bergamot oil is naturally high in antimicrobial and disinfectant properties making it an excellent addition to any first aid kit. Preventing the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses, this oil is useful to have on hand especially when you have young children in your home constantly getting scrapes and cuts. And the benefits of bergamot go further than skin deep—this oil has also been known to help manage and cure infections of the intestines, kidneys, colon, and urinary tract.

Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet Today

If you’re looking to upgrade your medicine cabinet, first aid kit, or just improve your beauty routine, bergamot is an excellent addition. This amazing oil offers a myriad of benefits beyond just smelling nice, however, the pleasant odor is definitely a bonus. Another important point is to be sure you are getting certified organic bergamot essential oil, as non-organic essential oils contain toxic levels of pesticides. At Purify Skin Therapy we only sell USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Our pristine organic essential oils are cleaner and work better too.

Are you ready to add organic bergamot to your home? Call us today and place your order!



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Miraculous Melissa Essential Oil

As you build up your supply of essential oils, remember that plants are superstars in their ability to work with our bodies for support, aid and benefits that can be realized. The more you know, the better you will do in working with your body. I want to share with you an essential oil that may not be a household name, but when you know what it is good for you will be grateful to have it in your arsenal.

Miraculous Organic Melissa Essential Oil



Melissa is an essential oil that we really must talk about. We meet so many people at shows and expos that are very adamant that they do not like Lavender. For whatever the reason Lavender is offensive to them. The reason this is so concerning is that if you were to characterize an essential oil as one that was good for pretty much everything, that oil would be Lavender. Well, now you have another option. Melissa essential oil is very much like Lavender in that it is good for everything.

Whether you need help with a low frequency emotion pulling you down, help being calm, relaxed, pain, a burn, skin problem, wound, breathing or anything else you can think of Melissa is going to be wonderful. If you were limited in the oils you could have on hand, this oil would for sure be one that would be extremely beneficial for so many things.

Melissa essential oil is great for the brain and helps with memory. It has a very strong ability to fight cold sores and other viruses, as it is renowned for being a strong anti viral oil. It helps lower blood pressure due to its calming effect and has also been called a “tonic for the heart”. It will help with cramps and bloating, as well as stimulate the liver. It is very energizing and boosts the immune system. Melissa also helps with those who are dealing with the loss and grief of a loved one. Melissa can also help one release anger in times of crisis or trauma.


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Manuka, yes, it comes in an Essential Oil!

You may have heard of Manuka honey which is highly sought after for its medicinal properties. It has exponentially greater benefits for your body than regular honey because of trace amounts of manuka in the honey from the bees that made the honey. Now imagine having an essential oil of pure Manuka oil with concentrated disinfecting and healing properties!


The benefits of Manuka essential oil are its strength when it comes to helping cuts, scrapes, and wounds heal. It does an amazing job of cleaning those injuries of anything that may lead to an infection and has the ability to help the wound recover faster. It is similar in what it does to Tea Tree essential oil, and has many of the same properties as Tea Tree essential oil. The thing that makes Manuka different than Tea Tree is that when it is applied topically it does not dry out the skin. When you use Tea Tree topically on the skin you will see the skin turn white because it is so drying (good for cases of puss or oozing, like acne for example). Manuka is so nice in that it almost moisturizes the skin while treating it. Manuka is useful for cases of any kind of wound or cut, infections and illness. Manuka has also been used successfully in helping with both bacteria and virus related issues. It is such a useful oil and can be used in so many diverse situations. 

The beautiful thing about Manuka essential oil is that it is even more gentle and toning for the body than Tea Tree oil is. Gentle yet incredibly effective!

In Europe, Manuka is inhaled to help with feelings of anxiety and fear-related stress. It is also relaxing when inhaled.

Our lovely 100% pure Manuka essential oil is wildcrafted, which means it is completely UNsprayed by any toxic pesticides, and it is sustainably harvested from New Zealand where it grows better than any other place in the world.

If you are looking for something that is very versatile in its use and effective in aiding your body with common ailments you will surely want to consider having Manuka on hand for just such an occasion.


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Tea Tree

Tea Tree

By Holly Draper, RA, CCAP


Why do people call Tea Tree essential oil by the wrong name?

You may have heard of Tea Tree essential oil being called ‘Melaleuca’. This is inaccurate and stems from lack of education in aromatherapy. Although this oil comes from the Melaleuca genus, there are many different species of plants and essential oils that come from this same genus. So to call one of these species by the genus name of Melaleuca is simply incorrect because you don’t know which ‘Melaleuca’ oil is being referred to. It is correct to call this oil by its common name Tea Tree, or by its full botanical name Melaleuca alternifolia.

Tea Tree is one of our most beloved, useful, and dependable essential oils. It is one of the two most important essential oils to have on hand in an emergency. One of the best disinfecting essential oils in the world, Tea Tree is also one of the most gentle oils and can be used on just about everyone and everything. The uses of 100% pure Tea Tree oil are endless.

The aborigines of Australia were the first to discover the healing properties of tea tree oil thousands of years ago. They treated cuts, burns, and skin infections by crushing the leaves of the tree and applying them to cuts and injuries. In the 1770s, the British explorer Captain Cook observed the native Australians brewing tea from the leaves. He then brewed tea of his own to give to his crew to prevent scurvy. He is the one who coined the name Tea Tree.

Purify Skin Therapy’s beautiful potent certified organic Tea Tree essential oil comes to us from Australia. Tea Tree is a part of the Melaleuca genus which has great antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. Historically it has been used for disinfecting and wound healing, it is also a powerful immune stimulant. In the 1920s, Australian physicians began to use the oil to clean wounds and prevent infections after surgery. Average Australians then began to use the oil as a household remedy for skin conditions and fungus infections. During World War II, tea tree oil was included in the first-aid kits given to all Australian soldiers and sailors. According to the British Medical Journal in 1933 Tea Tree essential oil is a “powerful disinfectant, non-poisonous, and non-irritating”. Tea Tree is treasured as having unrivaled anti-infectious properties.

According to the British Medical Journal in 1933 Tea Tree essential oil is a “powerful disinfectant, non-poisonous, and non-irritating”

Tea Tree is treasured as having powerful anti-infectious properties and considered by many to be a powerful natural antiseptic.

Tea Tree has a drying effect on the skin, so be aware and use that to your advantage! It is a great, drying disinfecting oil useful for acne, or other infections that are pussy and you need to ‘dry’ up.

Tea Tree is also marvelous for all kinds of wounds. It’s used to:

  • Cell regenerator
  • Wound repairing
  • Knits wounds together
  • Cleansing for wounds
  • Disinfecting wounds
  • Desloughing
  • Pain relieving
  • Reduces inflammation

Tea Tree can also be used around the house for all kinds of things. It’s good for

Athlete’s foot, blisters, burns, dandruff, insect bites, warts. It is also one of the safest and most gentle cleaning essential oils, beneficial for naturally cleaning and disinfecting your home.

Tea Tree is one of my #1 essential oils for sore throats and if you have a powerful, potent, certified organic Tea Tree like ours, you can wipe those sore throats out quickly.

Tea Tree essential oil is good for several of your body systems:

It boosts and supports the Respiratory System and helps with sinus issues.

It’s a powerful immune stimulant and it’s one of the best lymphatic system stimulant essential oils, great to use with lymphatic massage and draining.

Tea Tree oil is also one of the most powerful deodorant essential oils. It’s a must have addition in homemade deodorants.

Tea Tree is also an effective bug repellent, insecticide, larvicide, parasiticidal, and is also good for those pesky bug bites if you do get bit.


If you’re going to use Tea Tree oil, you want to be sure you’re getting the cleanest and most potent oil so it actually does these things you think it will. Not all tea tree oils are very therapeutic, and some don’t work very well at all.

At Purify Skin Therapy, we can provide you with the highest quality USDA certified organic, premium grade Tea Tree essential oil. It is the most potent, powerful, and clean (USDA certified organic). Don’t use the cheap stuff – you won’t get results! Get the good stuff.



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Back to School with Essential Oils


Ready for School?

We get a lot of question on how oils can help kids with issues they often face while in school. Can you relate to any these issues?

Question 1: Are there oils that help a child when they are nervous or anxious?

Answer: Yes, when it comes to emotions and emotional issues, essential oils are invaluable! We have a blend specially formulated for nervous or anxious feelings, called Peace of Mind that has all the essential oils combined that help with these emotions. Quite simply the child will breathe deeply from a cotton ball with 1 to 2 drops of this blend for 5 to 10 minutes. Singles oils that can calm and help with emotions would be Red Mandarin and Spearmint with the same application.


Question 2: My child seems to pick up on every bug at school, is there an oil that will help with not getting sick?

Answer: Yes, essential oils are very beneficial to help boost the immune system! Purify has a blend called Kid’s Immune that is safe for daily use. It was formulated with all the best essential oils for children between the ages of one and ten to support their immune systems. If they are older than 10 the Immune blend would be better. The best application is applying the oil before they go to school on the bottom of each foot. This supports them through the entire day. Another suggestion is to help them recognize the first signs of when a pathogen is attacking the body. Generally, it will start with a scratch or itch in the back of the throat. The faster one recognizes the beginning the better and faster you can wipe it out completely. Kid’s Throat Care, or Tea Tree can be used at the first sign of a pathogen attack. The application can be swab the back of the throat, make a throat spray, make an essential oil medicinal honey, or topically on the throat and behind the ears. Both of these blends come with a sheet of instructions on how to use them, so you have it in detail when you purchase them.


Question 3: My child has a hard time sitting still and focusing, is there an oil that helps?

Answer: Yes, essential oils can absolutely be used when a child is having a hard time focusing. We have a blend of essential oils that helps calm, relax, and aid with focus and concentration that is called Relax Blend. The application is inhalation by simply placing one to three drops of the blend on a cotton ball and breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Anytime there is need just breathe the oils. This works great using our Aromatherapy Wristbands. These make it super simple for kids to use their essential oils at school.


Question 4: I just want to know if there are oils that help with learning and helping my child learn, are there oils that help?

Great question! There are oils that absolutely help with learning. Two of the most common oils are extremely beneficial. Lemon stimulates the left side of the brain and Orange stimulates the right side of the brain. Just breathing these oils helps stimulate the brain which helps with the learning. We also have a blend called Focus & Memory which helps stimulate healthy brain function and focus.


Question 5: I can’t send the oils with my children because they schools don’t allow one to self-medicate. How do I have my kids use the oils without sending the bottle with them?

Answer: Many of the applications for school use are simply inhalation. This can be done easily and as simply as placing a cotton ball with 1 to 3 drops on it placed in a small zip-lock bag. Your student would just need to pull out the cotton ball and breathe deeply from the cotton ball when they were in need of the oil. There are also Aromatherapy Necklaces and Aromatherapy Wristbands that can also have drops of oil placed on them and allow your child to breathe the oils throughout the day. 

Hope you got some good idea on how your child can benefit from the world of aromatherapy through the school year. Cheers!

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Spearmint Oil


Our amazing organic Spearmint oil is the oil you need if your kids do not fall easily to sleep. After deeply inhaling Spearmint oil you and your kids will fall to sleep faster, get better quality sleep, and sleep longer. Spearmint is also beneficial for almost every body system and smells so amazing. Spearmint oil has always been closely associated with oral hygiene and is great for mouth issues and to naturally whiten teeth. Spearmint is also great for digestion and all sorts of digestive issues. Emotionally, Spearmint oil targets the inner child and helps us release deeply seated hurt, frustration, anger, pain, and fear. Great for kids and adults to release low-frequency emotions.


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