Tea Tree

Tea Tree

By Holly Draper, RA, CCAP


Why do people call Tea Tree essential oil by the wrong name?

You may have heard of Tea Tree essential oil being called ‘Melaleuca’. This is inaccurate and stems from lack of education in aromatherapy. Although this oil comes from the Melaleuca genus, there are many different species of plants and essential oils that come from this same genus. So to call one of these species by the genus name of Melaleuca is simply incorrect because you don’t know which ‘Melaleuca’ oil is being referred to. It is correct to call this oil by its common name Tea Tree, or by its full botanical name Melaleuca alternifolia.

Tea Tree is one of our most beloved, useful, and dependable essential oils. It is one of the two most important essential oils to have on hand in an emergency. One of the best disinfecting essential oils in the world, Tea Tree is also one of the most gentle oils and can be used on just about everyone and everything. The uses of 100% pure Tea Tree oil are endless.

The aborigines of Australia were the first to discover the healing properties of tea tree oil thousands of years ago. They treated cuts, burns, and skin infections by crushing the leaves of the tree and applying them to cuts and injuries. In the 1770s, the British explorer Captain Cook observed the native Australians brewing tea from the leaves. He then brewed tea of his own to give to his crew to prevent scurvy. He is the one who coined the name Tea Tree.

Purify Skin Therapy’s beautiful potent certified organic Tea Tree essential oil comes to us from Australia. Tea Tree is a part of the Melaleuca genus which has great antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. Historically it has been used for disinfecting and wound healing, it is also a powerful immune stimulant. In the 1920s, Australian physicians began to use the oil to clean wounds and prevent infections after surgery. Average Australians then began to use the oil as a household remedy for skin conditions and fungus infections. During World War II, tea tree oil was included in the first-aid kits given to all Australian soldiers and sailors. According to the British Medical Journal in 1933 Tea Tree essential oil is a “powerful disinfectant, non-poisonous, and non-irritating”. Tea Tree is treasured as having unrivaled anti-infectious properties.

According to the British Medical Journal in 1933 Tea Tree essential oil is a “powerful disinfectant, non-poisonous, and non-irritating”

Tea Tree is treasured as having powerful anti-infectious properties and considered by many to be a powerful natural antiseptic.

Tea Tree has a drying effect on the skin, so be aware and use that to your advantage! It is a great, drying disinfecting oil useful for acne, or other infections that are pussy and you need to ‘dry’ up.

Tea Tree is also marvelous for all kinds of wounds. It’s used to:

  • Cell regenerator
  • Wound repairing
  • Knits wounds together
  • Cleansing for wounds
  • Disinfecting wounds
  • Desloughing
  • Pain relieving
  • Reduces inflammation

Tea Tree can also be used around the house for all kinds of things. It’s good for

Athlete’s foot, blisters, burns, dandruff, insect bites, warts. It is also one of the safest and most gentle cleaning essential oils, beneficial for naturally cleaning and disinfecting your home.

Tea Tree is one of my #1 essential oils for sore throats and if you have a powerful, potent, certified organic Tea Tree like ours, you can wipe those sore throats out quickly.

Tea Tree essential oil is good for several of your body systems:

It boosts and supports the Respiratory System and helps with sinus issues.

It’s a powerful immune stimulant and it’s one of the best lymphatic system stimulant essential oils, great to use with lymphatic massage and draining.

Tea Tree oil is also one of the most powerful deodorant essential oils. It’s a must have addition in homemade deodorants.

Tea Tree is also an effective bug repellent, insecticide, larvicide, parasiticidal, and is also good for those pesky bug bites if you do get bit.


If you’re going to use Tea Tree oil, you want to be sure you’re getting the cleanest and most potent oil so it actually does these things you think it will. Not all tea tree oils are very therapeutic, and some don’t work very well at all.

At Purify Skin Therapy, we can provide you with the highest quality USDA certified organic, premium grade Tea Tree essential oil. It is the most potent, powerful, and clean (USDA certified organic). Don’t use the cheap stuff – you won’t get results! Get the good stuff.



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Back to School with Essential Oils


Ready for School?

We get a lot of question on how oils can help kids with issues they often face while in school. Can you relate to any these issues?

Question 1: Are there oils that help a child when they are nervous or anxious?

Answer: Yes, when it comes to emotions and emotional issues, essential oils are invaluable! We have a blend specially formulated for nervous or anxious feelings, called Peace of Mind that has all the essential oils combined that help with these emotions. Quite simply the child will breathe deeply from a cotton ball with 1 to 2 drops of this blend for 5 to 10 minutes. Singles oils that can calm and help with emotions would be Red Mandarin and Spearmint with the same application.


Question 2: My child seems to pick up on every bug at school, is there an oil that will help with not getting sick?

Answer: Yes, essential oils are very beneficial to help boost the immune system! Purify has a blend called Kid’s Immune that is safe for daily use. It was formulated with all the best essential oils for children between the ages of one and ten to support their immune systems. If they are older than 10 the Immune blend would be better. The best application is applying the oil before they go to school on the bottom of each foot. This supports them through the entire day. Another suggestion is to help them recognize the first signs of when a pathogen is attacking the body. Generally, it will start with a scratch or itch in the back of the throat. The faster one recognizes the beginning the better and faster you can wipe it out completely. Kid’s Throat Care, or Tea Tree can be used at the first sign of a pathogen attack. The application can be swab the back of the throat, make a throat spray, make an essential oil medicinal honey, or topically on the throat and behind the ears. Both of these blends come with a sheet of instructions on how to use them, so you have it in detail when you purchase them.


Question 3: My child has a hard time sitting still and focusing, is there an oil that helps?

Answer: Yes, essential oils can absolutely be used when a child is having a hard time focusing. We have a blend of essential oils that helps calm, relax, and aid with focus and concentration that is called Relax Blend. The application is inhalation by simply placing one to three drops of the blend on a cotton ball and breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Anytime there is need just breathe the oils. This works great using our Aromatherapy Wristbands. These make it super simple for kids to use their essential oils at school.


Question 4: I just want to know if there are oils that help with learning and helping my child learn, are there oils that help?

Great question! There are oils that absolutely help with learning. Two of the most common oils are extremely beneficial. Lemon stimulates the left side of the brain and Orange stimulates the right side of the brain. Just breathing these oils helps stimulate the brain which helps with the learning. We also have a blend called Focus & Memory which helps stimulate healthy brain function and focus.


Question 5: I can’t send the oils with my children because they schools don’t allow one to self-medicate. How do I have my kids use the oils without sending the bottle with them?

Answer: Many of the applications for school use are simply inhalation. This can be done easily and as simply as placing a cotton ball with 1 to 3 drops on it placed in a small zip-lock bag. Your student would just need to pull out the cotton ball and breathe deeply from the cotton ball when they were in need of the oil. There are also Aromatherapy Necklaces and Aromatherapy Wristbands that can also have drops of oil placed on them and allow your child to breathe the oils throughout the day. 

Hope you got some good idea on how your child can benefit from the world of aromatherapy through the school year. Cheers!

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Spearmint Oil


Our amazing organic Spearmint oil is the oil you need if your kids do not fall easily to sleep. After deeply inhaling Spearmint oil you and your kids will fall to sleep faster, get better quality sleep, and sleep longer. Spearmint is also beneficial for almost every body system and smells so amazing. Spearmint oil has always been closely associated with oral hygiene and is great for mouth issues and to naturally whiten teeth. Spearmint is also great for digestion and all sorts of digestive issues. Emotionally, Spearmint oil targets the inner child and helps us release deeply seated hurt, frustration, anger, pain, and fear. Great for kids and adults to release low-frequency emotions.


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FRENCH Lavender Now In Stock!


This is 100% pure, premium grade, USDA Certified Organic, population Lavender Fine (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil grown in the high altitudes of France. Population lavender grown in the high altitudes of France is undisputedly superior to all other Lavender oils, and is truly another level of amazing! our French Lavender is sweeter, more energetic, and lasts longer than all other Lavender oils. It is a lovely superior, balanced French Lavender oil.

As far as Lavender goes, our organic French Lavender is absolutely the best Lavender oil Mother Earth gives us. This is our Founder’s pick for its superior quality and healing properties.

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Country of Origin: France, High Altitude

Producing Organ: Flowers

Distillation Method: Steam Distilled

Properties: Lavender is the single most useful essential oil, and if you don’t know what else to use, use lavender essential oil and it will do the job. Effective for burns, bruises, cuts, insect bites, skin issues, skin care, emotional issues, stress, and insomnia. Lavender is the true all purpose essential oil, and the list of things lavender oil does is endless. This universal essential oil is a must in your home health care kit.

Safety: Lavender essential oil is on the FDA’s Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) list. Lavender essential oil is non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing.


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Myrtle Oil

Myrtle 8-18-16

Our organic Myrtle oil comes from France, and is the highest quality Myrtle oil our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist has ever experienced.

Myrtle is a gentle oil but works in profound ways. Anciently, it was regarded as a sacred plant. It is associated with Aphrodite and myrtle is an essential oil that protects innocence and virtue.
Myrtle is associated with love and peace. It is also an emotional oil that protects tender hearted people. If you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve then this oils emotionally and energetically helps protect your tender giving and openness. Myrtle is also is super supportive for the lungs and the entire respiratory system, and is also amazing restorative for the skin.


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Citrus Oils – Need to Know


Citrus essential oils are a bit different than other essential oils. They are cold pressed from the peel of the fruit. It means the way that they are extracted is they take the peel and press it and the oil comes off and is gathered, no further heat or processing is involved. This simple process is good and bad. Good because it provides you with such a clean pure product, and bad because if the citrus fruit is NOT certified organic (and has been sprayed with ANY toxic or harsh pesticides, larvicides, insecticides) then 100% of the toxic chemicals that are on the peel of the fruit go into the expressed citrus essential oil.

“There are over 400 chemical biocides (pesticides or herbicides) that might be used on aromatic plants, and many of these do carry over during the steam distillation process. The products of cold pressed citrus oils are even more likely to retain any biocides.” ~Robert Tisserand

That is why it’s critically important that when you use citrus oils you are only using USDA certified organic citrus oils, otherwise, they contain very high concentrations of toxic chemicals in your citrus essential oils!

ALL non-organic citrus essential oils contain high concentrations of toxic chemicals!

Now you know! And from now on you won’t want to buy non-organic citrus oils.

Purify Skin Therapy is the ONLY company that ensures that ALL of our cold pressed citrus essential oils are USDA certified organic.

Citrusget organic

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Can I Ingest Essential Oils? + General Safety Info

Is it safe to ingest essential oils?


Answer: You can ingest most essential oils if they have the USDA certified organic seal, or they say wildcrafted right on the label of the bottle. Please read on for more safety info…

The reason you must be certain that the essential oils are the highest grade certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils when ingesting is that all the other non-organic and lower grade essential oils will contain traces of the toxic and poisonous pesticides, herbicides, larvicides, chemical fertilizers, and sewage sludge that was used in their conventional farming.

Once crops are sprayed with any toxic chemicals, those toxic remain on the plant and come through the distillation process when the essential oil is made. Those toxic chemicals end up being concentrated through the distillation process up to 100 times in your non-organic essential oils.

“There are over 400 chemical biocides [pesticides, larvicides, or herbicides] that might be used on aromatic plants, and many of these do carry over during the steam distillation process. The products of cold pressed citrus oils are even more likely to retain any biocides.” ~ Robert Tisserand

Essential oils contain concentrated toxic chemicals? Yes, if they are not certified organic.

Not exactly what you want to be using as plant medicine.

Now I know some of you are going to say, “Well, my company says they farm their own crops and they swear that they do not use any of those harmful and toxic sprays – so even though their oils are not certified organic I believe they are clean.” BEWARE of this deceptive marketing. If you think along these lines then I want to very gently and kindly ask you to wake up. If ANY company is actually following organic practices and is not spraying their crops with toxic sprays then it would be so easy for them to become certified organic. They file some paperwork and bam…they would be certified organic. Why wouldn’t they do that to prove to their customers that they really honestly had clean crops??? My answer to you is that even though companies say that they are raising their crops without toxic chemicals, in reality, they do not have organic crops and so they cannot get certified organic even if they wanted to. Some of these unscrupulous companies tell their consumers these deceiving things so their consumers feel good about buying their lower grade non-organic products at premium organic prices. Don’t be fooled any longer. As a savvy consumer, make your companies PROVE to you that they are really as clean as they are claiming to be. Ask them to get themselves USDA certified organic and then you will consider buying oils from them.

Do not risk your health on something someone tells you or some deceiving claim to purity. Your precious health is too important.

We’ve talked to dozens of people who used to use non-organic brands of essential oils that they thought were good and clean. These people started having rashes, or allergies that they didn’t have before. They were confused why. We told them because they were using a non-organic essential oil they were applying and consuming very concentrated toxins from those oils. Once we took them off those non-organic oils the rashes and allergies seemed to vanish. Then we got them on high-quality certified organic essential oils and the problems did not return.

Do you know how to tell if a bottle of essential oil is organic or not? You look right on the label of the bottle of essential oil.

Do you know how to tell if a bottle of essential oil is organic or not? You look right on the label of the bottle of essential oil. If it is really organic it will have the USDA certified organic seal right on the label. If the USDA seal is not on the label, then the oil is NOT organic. Not at all!


Savvy essential oil consumers use only USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils, they are the cleanest purest forms of essential oils and they are guaranteed to be free of toxic chemicals. Not only are they cleaner, but they work better too. USDA certified organic and wildcrafted are the highest two grades of essential oils.

Purify Skin Therapy is the ONLY company that carries ALL USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils.

Did you know that Purify Skin Therapy is the ONLY company that carries ALL USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils? They care so much about quality they don’t even carry any of the lower grade non-organic conventional essential oils. If you haven’t tried their higher grade oils, please do so now. Compare them to any non-organic oils and you will see a big difference.


Back to ingesting oils….Now that you understand how critical it is that you’re using only the cleanest oils, it is safe to ingest most essential oils, as long as they are USDA certified organic or wildcrafted right on the label.

Having said this, understanding dosing is critical. You should understand that essential oils are very, very concentrated substances and they are plant medicines. One or two drops goes a long way and in most cases is a complete dose. Don’t take too much when ingesting essential oils. Do not allow children to ingest essential oils without first consulting with a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

There are, however, some essential oils that you should never ingest. Those include Benzoin, Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Ravensara, Spikenard. These essential oils are so much better applied topically or diffused in a diffuser. Inhalation and topical application are perfectly suited for these oils and are very beneficial to the body when used topically or inhaled.

You should also never ingest the hazardous and toxic essential oils which include wintergreen, tansy, cassia, camphor, arnica, pennyroyal, mustard, rue, sassafrass, thuja, wormseed, and wormwood. These are very toxic essential oils and should not ever be used therapeutically or by the home aromatherapist. Do not ever use these oils, even in blends, even topically or for inhalation because they are poisonous. These oils are known neurotoxins, nephrotoxins, carcinogens, and have dangerously high toxicity. Just never use these oils…..ever.

The first rule in correct aromatherapy is to use essential oils that do not harm a person.

There are lots of essential oils that do not harm that work really well, so we just stay away from the hazardous and toxic essential oils.

Have a great day!
Holly Draper, CCAP, RA

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Internationally Registered Aromatherapist

Questions? Comments? You can email Holly directly at holly@PurifySkinTherapy.com




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Benzoin Essential Oil ~ Smells SOOOO Good!

Benzoin is an ancient herb that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic (ancient Indian) medicine. It has a smell very similar to vanilla ~ sweet, fragrant, rich, earthy, mellow balsamic, and spicy. It is extraordinary added to any blend. For centuries Benzoin has been used in Asia as an incense and a perfume. It was thought to be sacred to the Gods and have the intense power to drive evil spirits and ghosts away. Historically it was used to cast out devils.

Benzoin 3-27-17


Benzoin is an earth energy oil, which is to say it has the energy of Mother Earth. Earth energy oils are nurturing, radiate the energy of unconditional love, are grounding and balancing. Because of these amazing earth energy properties, Benzoin is good for anxiety and loneliness. It can change a negative state of mind into a positive on, and it is one of the very best essential oils for any form of stress. Benzoin is super stress relieving.It has a thicker consistency than most essential oils, and this oil is tacky, so best used with a carrier oil.

It has a thicker consistency than most essential oils, and this oil is tacky, so best used with a carrier oil. Amazing used in a natural perfume.

It’s a wound healing oil good for cuts scrapes, cores, rashes, bed sores, generally good for the skin and also good for scars. It’s antiseptic, so it keeps pathogens away, so great to use with wound care. It’s also good for chapped skin, it improves the elasticity of the skin, and is calming and soothing for inflamed or irritated skin. It is often used in aftershaves because of its benefits for the skin and its amazing smell even the manliest of men would love.

Let me tell you – Benzoin is AMAZING for massage! If you get massages or give them, Benzoin will transform any kind of massage. Benzoin is also good for muscle spasms, rheumatism, arthritis, and gout! It boosts and supports healthy circulation and is also good for the heart and circulatory system.

It’s a wound healing oil good for the skin and also good for scars. It’s antiseptic and let me tell you – AMAZING for massage!

Dioscorides mentions benzoin as being soft, warming, and digestive specifically for coughing, colds, hoarseness, and constipation.

Pretty amazing little oil, and the smell is divine.

Make sure your Benzoin oil is ORGANIC! Our is:

Benzoin 3-27-17


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Essential Oils for the Brain


One of the most critical parts of the body is the brain. Proper brain function is something we all take for granted until we notice something slipping and become aware of how vital it is. Memory, concentration, clarity, focus, creative thinking, logical thinking, and so many functions we don’t even think about.

Do essential oils help with the brain?

Absolutely! Essential oils have a long rich history of aiding healthy brain function. Here are some singles and a few blends to consider when aiding the brain. Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Frankincense, Balsam Fir, Focus and Memory Blend, and Relax Blend are all great to help with the brain. 

We could spend hours on this, but I want to share some highlights:

Lemon is great for the left side of the brain or the logical processing part of the brain. Just remember Left and Lemon both start with L!


Orange is great for the right side of the brain or the creative processes, art, dancing, rhythm, etc.


Rosemary is considered the herb of remembrance and the essential oil does not disappoint in aiding this same benefit.

Rosemary USDA

Frankincense has been used for thousands of years and really shines when it comes to helping with the brain, specifically when there’s been brain injury.

Frankincense 9-1-16

Balsam Fir is a superstar in helping us see things clearly and as they really are. If clarity is needed this one will be beneficial.

balsam fir3

Remember as you combine several single essential oils you get a synergy by bringing them all together that can be so helpful in assisting the body. Synergies, or blends, are more powerful than single oils, and we have blends formulated by our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Focus and Memory is a proprietary blend of all the best oils that were formulated with the intention of promoting healthy brain function. Every essential oil in this blend was added for its characteristics that are beneficial for the brain.

Focus and Memory 8-10-16

Relax is a good blend for helping with concentration. Anyone who has trouble with this may find help with this blend that is so grounding and allows you to be present and not carried away in thoughts.

Relax 8-10-16

What about application?

We hear all kinds of crazy things about application when it comes to applying to the brain. It is kind of tricky because of the protective skull that is all around it. Hands down the two best applications for the brain would be inhalation (which would be diffusing the essential oils or breathing them off a cotton ball) and topical application around the base of the skull. This topical application could start at your temples, go over the ear, behind the ear, and across the back of the neck. That allows those essential oils to absorb into areas immediately connecting to the brain.

As always, remember a cleaner healthier plant produces a cleaner healthier essential oil that your body will respond better to especially the brain!



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Carrier Oils 101

Carrier Oils 101

What are they and how do you use them?

When using essential oils it is very important to know what a carrier oil is. I get so many questions about this I figure it is worth explaining and clarifying.

Essential oils are the most concentrated form of the plant we have access to. Essential oils have the phytochemical constituents that are very beneficial and aid our bodies in powerful ways ranging from illness to mood enhancement. The benefits of essential oils are wonderful, and when used correctly without side effects. Due to the chemicals being up to 100 times more concentrated in the essential oils than they are in the plant itself, it may be necessary to dilute the oil allowing it to spread over a larger area or slow the absorption rate of the oil. This is done by using a carrier oil.

Did you know that those phytochemical constituents in essential oils are up to 100 times more concentrated in the essential oils than they are in the plant itself? You may have heard this before, but essential oils are VERY CONCENTRATED healing phytochemicals.

Essential Oils are VERY CONCENTRATED Healing Phytochemicals

That’s why you should only use USDA certified organic essential oils!

10 TOP pack USDA clearwith USDA

Because essential oils are so very concentrated, we usually use something to dilute the essential oils down a bit so they are safe to apply to the skin. How do we do this when they are fat soluble (not water soluble)? We use CARRIER OILS.

A carrier oil is a fixed, non-volatile, fatty oil generally extracted from a seed or nut of a plant. Extra virgin olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Apricot Kernal oil, Rosehip Seed oil, etc. are all ideal. They just dilute down the essential oil in their fatty oil so that the essential oil is not so potently strong on the skin.



I have people all the time suggest that coconut oil is the carrier oil of choice. As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, coconut oil is not my favorite because the molecules of coconut oil are so large that they take longer to soak into the skin also keeping the essential oil from absorbing as quickly as it could. Coconut oil can often times leave the skin feeling oily or greasy. I personally never use coconut oil for these reasons. I prefer grapeseed oil because the molecules of Grapeseed oil are very small, which allows the essential oils to absorb very quickly and Grapeseed oil does not leave that greasy feeling. A good USDA certified organic Grapeseed oil, like this one, is also hypoallergenic which means it’s good, gentle, and non-irritating for any skin type.

Carrier oils can and absolutely must be USDA Certified Organic. Our emphasis at Purify Skin Therapy is that a cleaner plant will produce a cleaner oil. If they are not USDA Certified Organic then you are getting the benefit of the plant as well as all the toxic residue in that oil applied to your body–we are toxic enough and need to give our poor liver a break. I sure hope you take note of this vitally important concept! Make sure your carrier oil says USDA certified organic right on the label to get the purest application of our USDA certified organic essential oils.

Carrier oils are applied with an essential oil for several important reasons. The most essential oil you will want to safely use during one application would be up to 10 drops on a healthy adult. What if the 10 drops will not cover the entire area being affected–let’s say the entire back for this example? Using a carrier oil allows you to take those 10 drops and spread them over the entire area by combining the essential oil with as much of the carrier oil needed to cover the area needed. Another reason to use the carrier oil would be to slow the absorption rate of the essential oil. I can think of two times this is necessary.

Have you or your kids ever experienced a burning sensation after applying an essential oil? If an essential oil ever becomes hot on the skin you will immediately apply a carrier oil over the top of that hot essential oil. This will slow that absorption rate and stop the burning within just a few seconds.

When would be another time you may want to keep those oils on top of the skin rather than penetrating quickly? The best answer would be when treating the skin itself typically with a burn or rash. By applying the essential oil with a carrier oil you will keep those molecules on the skin longer allowing them to “treat” that area longer before being absorbed into the skin.

There are many schools of thought nowadays when using essential oils. The English method is diluting the essential oil down with a carrier oil to as low as 1%, and the French method uses much higher dilutions of essential oil depending on the purpose of the application. Hopefully, you will see some of the very good reasons for using a carrier oil and have it on hand for when you have that need arise.

To your safety and the safety of your loved ones!

Holly Draper

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist


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