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Organic Essential Oils for Wounds

Wound Repair Blend I have made several custom blends for discerning customers over the years, and once you hear about this one, it’s one you’ll want too…it’s a MUST for preparedness¬†scenarios! If there was a blend of the best essential oils for wounds of all kinds.…from scratches and road rash to cuts, burns, and open […]

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I Really Hurt Myself… Big Bruise!

By Holly Draper, Certified Aromatherapist Let’s just say, no more jumping fences….because I am not the nimble young thing I used to be!¬†I hurt my leg trying to keep up with my kids. (yes, this is really the back of my leg! Right above the knee on the back of the thigh…it’s a really big […]

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A Few Good Essential Oils for the Fall

A Few Good Essential Oils for the Fall Fall is a season of transition and adjustment. In Utah, fall brings cooler weather, fall leaves, and the climate becomes even drier. In the fall, people return to their routines: school, work and other duties. Whereas summer is whimsical and playful, fall is structured and productive. For […]

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