Releasing Negative Emotions with Essential Oils


Usually people don’t get angry over just one event. From what I’ve seen most expressions of anger are a build up from many irritating situations over time. Situations that may not have the emotion of anger but are usually frustration, discouragement, disappointment, hurt, as well as many others. All of these singular experiences finally build inside a person to trigger the emotion of anger and oftentimes there will be an explosion that accompanies it. Most time the actual event that triggers the explosion doesn’t in itself, merit the explosion of emotion that it sometimes gets. It’s just this build up of emotions that catches us off guard. It’s very much like a fuse that becomes lit and burns until it lights the stick of dynamite. Over time the fuse length can become shorter and shorter allowing the explosions to come quicker once lit. As is always the case once the explosion of anger goes off there will be “dead bodies” as a result. anger

Today’s challenges have made it even harder to deal with these emotions because we are together with family more without the outlets we have become accustomed to helping us vent. Work has been more challenging having to adjust to new environments and sometimes bringing that pressure to the home as well. Some have faced the reality of being isolated that has come not by choice. What is accepted by some is ridiculed by others, and the views people hold are very charged.

Is there help? Happily yes! Essential oils are amazing when it comes to emotions. The healing modality of aromatherapy is the use of aroma to assist in healing. Your sense of smell is the only one of your five senses that goes directly into the limbic system, or the core part of your brain, to quickly trigger emotional issues. Simply put it is breathing pure, organic essential oils that go directly to the core part of the brain to help calm and release negative and charged emotions that have been stored there. It can even release emotions that we don’t even remember the cause of that emotion being held. 

When we talk about the negative emotions, the heavy ones like anger, rage, frustration, irritation, these are the emotions we hold onto that can negatively affect our physical body. Can emotions make you sick? Can emotions effect the health of your physical body? YES! Did you know these low frequency emotions like anger can actually be stored in every cell of your body? It’s true. Everyone of your cells has a memory. But what you hold on to, you also have the power to release it. You can let it go with a little help. Low frequency emotions are released from every cell of your body by inhaling the essential oil of Ylang Ylang. Ylang Ylang is a beautiful floral essential oil that is sweet and calming. Just putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball and breathing deeply for 5-10 minutes to release anger, as well as other low frequency emotions that you no longer want to hold onto. What a blessing.

Ylang Ylang USDA


Anyone else realize they have an inner child that often gets upset or hurt, it’s true. All of us have a tender, sensitive inner child that can hold a lot of deep emotions. There are certain essential oils that target our inner child and can help release negative emotions here. Red Mandarin and Spearmint essential oils have a calming and releasing effect to help our inner child let that hurt and upset go. These specific essential oils are also really good for your children, who are literally living in their inner child energy now. These two oils can really help kids let go of some deep stuff they don’t need to hold on to.




Mandarin Red USDA


What about bigger emotions that are heavy to deal with like depression, anxiety, grief, anger and rage? We have a powerful blend formulated just for these heavier emotions, called Peace of Mind that has all the essential oils that can lift a person out of this dark heavy feeling they are experiencing. Peace of Mind blend helps you feel lighter, calmer, and takes away the fear and panic. It’s a very useful tool if you’re struggling with these heavier emotions.

Peace of Mind 8-10-16


For anyone else that would like to let some emotions go that are not serving them, we have a blend called Release that has all the oils that will trigger the core part of your brain to let go of these unwanted emotions. 



One of the worst things we can do with emotions is not do anything. They will not just go away no matter how hard we try to ignore them or bury them. They will come up sooner or later. I invite you to choose an essential oil that resonates with you. Use it when you start to feel yourself get emotional. Breathe in the healing aromas that help trigger your emotional release before it builds up inside. Hopefully this will allow you to move forward in calming your emotions and allowing you to feel your best self.



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Allergies with Essential Oils


Allergies are terrible, and can take such a toll on you! They’re annoying, inconvenient, and insufferable.


If you suffer from allergies, we have a healthy, chemical free, drug free solution for you. Essential oils have shown to be effective in both blocking allergic reactions and calming them once they have started. Our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist has created a custom blend just for this very purpose. It’s called Seasonal Relief.

Seasonal Relief blend can be so effective in blocking, calming, and relieving allergic reactions. You simply inhale it before being exposed to the allergen, or shortly after coming into contact with an irritating allergen. It can be so effective and can produce instant relief.

Seasonal Relief blend can be used to help alleviate any allergic reactions triggered by seasonal, pollen, animal dander, or environmental causes. It does not work on food allergies (because those are triggered a completely different way in the body).

When you order this blend we will also send you instructions on exactly how to use this blend for the best results.

Seasonal Relief


Relief is On Its Way with Seasonal Relief

This essential oil blend was formulated for relief of occasional seasonal allergic reactions. It may naturally bring relief for people who suffer from reactions to pollen, plants, and seasonal irritants. This blend also appears to be effective for allergic reactions to pets and pet dander. At the very first sign of symptoms, drop 2-3 drops into the palm of your hands, rub hands together, and cup them over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. Or you can drop 2-3 drops onto a cotton ball and hold this right under the nose and inhale deeply. We care that you are able to use this blend effectively and safely, so we will include a full sheet of instructions with the purchase of this oil. It includes what the blend is formulated for, dilution if applicable, different methods of application, and the most common uses of this essential oil blend. These instructions will help you know how to use this blend for best results.

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Peppermint the Rockstar!

Peppermint the Rockstar

Minty, fresh, cooling, and oh so yummy smelling, Peppermint essential oil is a rockstar!

Peppermint is one of the most important and useful essential oils to have on hand because it does so many things!



If you have a high quality, food grade, organic Peppermint essential oil, like Purify Skin Therapy’s Peppermint take one drop into your mouth and swish it and swallow it (DO NOT INGEST nonOrganic peppermint oil because of the pesticides). This does several things:

  1. It is an instant mosquito repellant and will keep mosquitoes from biting you, it also keeps most other bugs away
  2. It is a stimulant and gives you instant energy and helps you stay awake
  3. It helps focus the mind and improves concentration
  4. It gives you the healthiest fresh breath possible, so go ahead and get close 💗
  5. It helps alleviate a sore throat
  6. It’s antispasmodic and helps to calm coughing
  7. It is the fastest acting pain relieving essential oil and works so well for pain issues
  8. It helps to detox your liver, and through the liver your entire body
  9. It improves digestion and helps to relieve most digestive troubles
  10. It boosts your immune system to keep you healthy and strong

Applied topically on the skin Peppermint essential oil also does amazing things:

  1. Best pain reliever
  2. Fastest pain reliever of all the essential oils
  3. Best oil to minimize the effects of bruising
  4. Soothes sore and stiff muscles
  5. Helps relieve tight muscles
  6. Stops the burning and itching of mosquito bites and other insect bites
  7. Calms the itching and burning of poison oak, poison ivy rashes (dilute it)
  8. Helps relieve inflammation
  9. Best oil for the pain, inflammation, and trauma of accidents and ouchies (but do not ever put peppermint on broken skin or cuts. It burns on broken skin)
  10. Best oil to calm the burn of sunburns (MUST dilute a lot for sunburns)


We understand that every essential oil company out there claims their oils are the highest quality, but Purify is different. We can actually prove that ours are the best. ALL of our essential oils are either USDA certified organic or wildcrafted. Most of our oils are also food grade, and are the highest quality, natural, and authentic oils available. We go to extremes to bring you only the purest and highest quality organic oils from around the globe. When using Peppermint essential oil make sure the USDA organic seal is right on the label. If it’s not there then it’s not an organic Peppermint and don’t use it or ingest it because of the pesticides and other safety issues. If you need a good high quality, food grade, organic Peppermint essential oil that you can trust to be strong and effective, get yours from Purify Skin Therapy today.



Peppermint essential oil is one of the very few essential oils that you want to come from the USA. Peppermint that is grown in the Pacific Northwest, like ours is, are better oils and have better medicinal constituents than peppermint oil from anywhere else on the planet. This is why we take such great care in the sourcing of our oils. We make sure they come from the area in which the plant is native to or in which it has the best medicinal properties.

Aromatherapy Education

Purify Skin Therapy’s founder is one of the highest accredited Aromatherapists in the country. Holly is an Internationally ARC Registered Aromatherapist and got her first Master’s Degree in Aromatherapy, and her second Master’s Degree in Health and Wellness. She has put her heart and soul into providing you with the highest quality organic and wildcrafted essential oils, and correct safety and application information. We believe you will see and smell the difference.

Get your Purify organic Peppermint essential oil today!


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Aromatherapy Play Dough for the Kids!

If you’re anything like us and have kids at home, enduring this quarantine, we have a healthy and fun activity you might want to try. Make homemade aromatherapy play dough.

Not only is this a stress relieving, fun activity for both children and adults, but the therapeutic effects of adding high quality essential oils to your kids play dough is invaluable. Such a fun and health promoting thing.


Make this Home Made Play Dough recipe:

Makes roughly 2 cups (recipe can be doubled for more)

1 C. Four

1/2 C. Salt

2 TBLSP Cream of Tartar

1 TBLSP Vegetable Oil

1 C. Water

Mix all ingredients together well in a sauce pan. Heat slowly over medium heat stirring constantly until warm and texture of the dough changes to be able to handle. Remove from heat and knead until smooth. Divide into as many different sections as you care to. Add food coloring to each piece of play dough. Add essential oils for aromatherapy.  Roughly add 4 to 8 drops of essential oils to each cup of dough. You can add more if the scent starts to fade or is not strong enough, but start slow.


Essential oils we recommend and some ideas for rainbow colors:

Do use Purify’s organic essential oils in this recipe, because you don’t want pesticides in this if your kids will play with it.

RED – organic Mandarin, Red – this sweet smelling uplifting citrus oil targets the inner child and helps us release pent up emotions and blocked energy. Great for kids and adults.

ORANGE – organic Orange – another great citrus oil that uplifts the mood and helps the brain, also boosts immunity.

YELLOW – organic Lemon – a tart, bright, mood lifting, and helps the brain, also boosts immunity, cleansing scent that brightens the energy.

GREEN – organic Balsam Fir – an evergreen tree, and a powerful energy protector. Good for the eyes and energetically helps you be strong in difficult times.

BLUE – organic Peppermint – (use less of this oil, it’s stronger, use only for ages 3 years old and over. Peppermint will burn the eyes when concentrated, so make sure it’s mixed into the dough well before giving it to the kids). Or use organic Spearmint, better for kids under 3 years old kids and smells so yummy.

PURPLE – organic Lavender – so sweet and calming, useful for stress relief and relaxing.

PINK – organic Ylang Ylang – releases anger and rage, as well as releases negative emotions.


Some other ideas you can use organic Eucalyptus radiata oil (clears the respiratory system), organic Lime oil (uplifting), Organic Roman Chamomile oil (ultra calming), Frankincense oil (good for trauma), Rose oil (good for grief), or Myrrh oil (increases grounding). There’s so many options! You can also use Purify’s powerful blends like: Kids Immune blend, Peace of Mind blend, or Respiratory blend for some powerful effects!


Understand you will get this essential oil on your skin, so you won’t use any hot oils in this recipe (like cinnamon, oregano, thyme, or clove bud as these will burn the skin and are not great for children.)


All these organic essential oils are available at


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Diffuser Questions Answered

Diffuser Questions Answered


Diffusing essential oils is one of the best ways to use essential oils. It gets them into your respiratory system quickly and can do much good there, depending on your diffuser. So how do you know which diffusers are the best to use? Holly Draper, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, answers these questions for you.

There are all kinds of diffusers flooding the marketplace. But I’m very picky about the diffuser I use. Most diffusers are water based diffusers. This means you have to put like 8 to 10 oz. of water into the diffuser and add a couple drops of essential oil to that water to be diffused. This is nice to scent up a room, but this diffuser is outputting mostly water, with less than 1% of what’s coming out of it being essential oil. This amount of application really doesn’t do much for your immune system.

On the other hand, Purify Skin Therapy carried a sweet diffuser that does not use any water at all. You actually hook your essential oil bottle right to the diffuser, and it pulls the essential oil right from your bottle and diffuses the essential oil into the air. This means that 100% of what is coming out of this diffuser is essential oil. You can easily use this diffuser to scent up a room (which it can do quite quickly, and you can also use this kind of diffuser for medicinal doses of essential oils that do amazing things for your respiratory system and to boost and support your immune system.

You’d think that a diffuser like this would use your oil up quickly, and it can…. but not if you use it correctly. If you use this diffuser right you not only use less oil, but you get it when you need it and there’s no waste (like when you want to change out the scent in your water diffuser and you have to throw out the water in it, and oils too). We recommend you use this diffuser when you get sick. It will more quickly, efficiently, and with no waste get the oils where they need to be. After using many diffusers over the years, this one is hands down my favorite one.




Diffuser Instructions

This diffuser is different than other diffusers and we like it because:

  1. It saves on your essential oils, no waste, no mess
  2. It does not use any water (Ideally, you want a diffuser that does not use water. Water diffusers are not nearly as good as this one)
  3. It has a volume knob (the bottom one) that you can completely control how much oil it puts out by turning it up or down (obviously the higher you set it, the more essential oil it will use)
  4. It also has a timer. The top knob should be set to how long you want the diffuser to run. The middle knob should be set to how long you want the diffuser to rest in between running times.
  5. Because this unit does not use water, it puts straight essential oil up into the air
  6. Because this unit puts straight essential oil into the air you can get a medicinal dose of the oil, something not possible with water based diffusers

There are only two drawbacks to this diffuser:

  1.   It does make a soft motor noise, like a white noise, it is not completely silent. It is NOT recommended to run this diffuser through the night, so there will be no issue with sleeping and the white noise. If you want to breathe in healing essential oils at night we recommend you turn the diffuser on in your bedroom and let it run until the scent is in the room then turn the diffuser off. Or set a Christmas tree timer to turn the unit off after about an hour of running (see next point). As you sleep you will breathe the oils out of the air for several hours even after the diffuser is turned off. Running the diffuser all night simply is a waste of your precious oils, and your body cannot use that strong or constant of a dose anyway, and will just metabolize off the excess.
  2.   It does not turn itself off automatically. Luckily this issue can be easily remedies by buying a Christmas tree timer at Home Depot and plugging the diffuser into that before plugging it into the wall. You can then program the Christmas tree timer to turn the unit off as desired.

The best way to use this unit when you get sick:

Sit right next to the diffuser and diffuser the organic Respiratory blend on high volume. Breathe those healing aromatic molecules deeply into your lungs. After about 10 to 15 minutes your body will tell you “that’s enough” and you won’t want to breathe it anymore. Listen to your body and turn the unit completely off. Do this three to four times a day and you should notice great benefits when you are not feeling well or congested. If you do this, you will use less oil and get more benefit from it than any other diffuser.

 To scent a room:

You can use this amazing little diffuser to scent up a room just for pleasure. Diffusing essential oils is very beneficial and can be used anytime. In this case, turn the volume knob to about 12:00 and set it to run on and off as you please. Note: If you are sitting in the room, after about 15 to 20 minutes your olfactory hits exhaustion and will stop working. You literally will not be able to smell the oil in the air. Because of this, we recommend every 20 minutes or so getting up and walking out of the room for a minimum of 4 minutes to refresh your olfactory system (your sense of smell). Then go back into the room and you will smell how strong the scent is. We just recommend not to waste your oils, so not to over scent a room.

To change oils:

We love this diffuser because you never waste any of your oils. In fact, it’s the most oil conservative diffuser on the market, if you know how to use it correctly. When you are ready to diffuse another scent, simply unscrew the diffuser top from the essential oil bottle and wipe the white ‘straw’ off with a clean paper towel then it’s ready to put it into the next oil bottle. Super quick, super simple.

This diffuser actually SAVES your precious essential oils and lets you get the best use out of them. Also, because you bought this from Purify Skin Therapy we offer a lifetime warranty on the unit. Please note the only thing our manufacturer won’t warranty is if you turn the unit on its side while attached to the essential oil bottle, and essential oil flows into the motor. That is user error and is not under your warranty. We believe this is the best little diffuser on the market.


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Essential Oils for Viral Infections (and Other Infectious Diseases)

Essential Oils for Viral Infections (and Other Infectious Diseases)

There’s been a lot of talk recently of the impending coronavirus and other infectious pathogens. It has caused a global scare and panic. Have you been worried?




Wouldn’t it be great if Mother Nature had a time tested remedy for viral infections? Something that She has developed and tested for thousands of years against thousands of diverse viral strains in living organisms? Something that we could use to keep us safe against viral infections today? Did you know that’s exactly what we have with essential oils?

Most essential oils have some degree of effectiveness against viruses. It’s the beauty of using medicines from the plant kingdom. Plants are evolutionary wonders with complex chemicals to fight off viruses of every kind, that’s how plants have survived for thousands of years. Plants have developed essential oils, and it’s the essential oils in plants that helps them fight off infectious pathogens including viral infections. The beauty of using essential oils is that Mother Nature has already prepared something that works for us. Using essential oils from plants has shown to be very effective against infectious pathogens, including viruses.




It’s empowering to remember how powerful the antiviral and antiseptic properties of good quality essential oils are. Understanding the effectiveness of essential oils against these infectious pathogens can help us release stress and feel empowered with all this media frenzy of impending doom. Using good quality essential oils can also be used proactively to support our health and well being as well as help us feel calm when we’re stressed.

Because of their effectiveness against pathogens, essential oils have been used by humans for thousands of years to fight viral, bacterial, fungal, and other mysterious and unidentified infections. Anciently man had a real respect for the powers of the plant kingdom. Now, through scientific research we’re getting back to this awe and respect for Mother Nature and Her powerful and effective plant made natural medicines. Essential oils can be used both for the prevention and to actively use against all kinds of infectious pathogens including viruses and bacteria.

Does the pharmaceutical and medical community have a good and effective answer for viral infections? The answer is no. Otherwise we would have a cure, or even medicines that worked for the common cold, flu, influenza, shingles, and herpes which are all caused by viral infections. The medical community does not have a good answer for viral infections. 

Are there any good and effective antiviral options for us? As we stated above, the answer is yes! Essential oils are powerful and very concentrated extracts from plants. They have been used for thousands of years for infectious diseases. Essential oils remain one of our best defenses against viral infections today. A simple search of PubMed will show you dozens and dozens of recent scientific studies done on essential oils that show essential oils have significant antiviral activity. There’s too many to list!

Which essential oils are best for antiviral situations? Luckily, Purify Skin Therapy has one of the most highly educated aromatherapists, Holly Draper (with the highest international aromatherapy certification, and a Master’s Degree in Aromatherapy), and we have this information. So what does our highly educated aromatherapist suggest that we should have on hand for viral infections? 

Because of the research that has been done, we know some essential oils are better antivirals than others. We also know that blends are more powerful than single oils to combat virulent pathogens. This is why we recommend three powerful blends for this purpose.


1. An age appropriate Immune Blend

The Immune blend was formulated with viral infections in mind. All the oils in the blend were carefully chosen for their therapeutic effects. This blend contains essential oils that have been researched and possess powerful antiviral as well as antibacterial properties. 


Another amazing blend is called Mega Immune. This blend is a powerhouse, and was formulated for really bad stuff. In fact, it’s so powerful you shouldn’t use it for longer than about 10 days at a time. So alternate this one with our Immune blend for best results.


What about your kids? Purify Skin Therapy was the first essential oil company to come out with a kids safe line of essential oils over 8 years ago. We have a custom blend called Kids Immune that is amazing to help your children, and yet it won’t damage their livers or anything else because it was formulated to be safe for them.


We also have one called Baby Immune if you have infants under 12 months old. Be sure to always use age appropriate blends on your little ones.


2. Respiratory Blend

We have another blend that powerfully aids and supports the immune system called Respiratory Blend. This one is best inhaled. If you have a good diffuser, this is the best blend for the respiratory system to use in your diffuser. As you breathe in the molecules of this aromatic blend it goes deep into the sinuses and respiratory system to help clean it up. It also carries on through the thin layer of skin into the bloodstream where this blend also works to boost and support the immune system. Just another level of support for our bodies.


3. Throat Care Blend

Along with the age appropriate Immune and Respiratory blends mentioned above, we also recommend having the Throat Care blend for sore throats and coughing. This one is a game changer if sore throats, and coughing are an issue for you.



When you buy essential oil blend from Purify Skin Therapy we send instruction sheets with them so you know how best to apply them for best results.


Last thing here…Make sure if you’re going to use essential oils that they are the cleanest, highest quality, most effective essential oils on the market. Make sure the oils you use are certified organic (so you’re not applying high concentrations of pesticides) by verifying that the USDA organic seal is right on the label. Purify Skin Therapy is proud to be one of the very few ALL organic and wild crafted essential oil lines in the country. We guarantee our oils are not sprayed with toxic chemicals or fertilizers by having them USDA certified organic. Quality is our highest priority. Skimp elsewhere, but not on essential oils when it comes to your health and wellness. We hope that having the right essential oils on hand gives you peace of mind in these troubled times.

How To Tell If Your Essential Oil is Actually Organic



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Dare I say….Parasites?

We all know that life is going faster and faster. We really don’t have time to take care of ourselves as much as we would like. The beginning of the year is a great time to renew our resolve to be healthier, but that is way in the rear view mirror.

I want to share with you something that helped me drop a little weight and I didn’t have to do anything other than what I am going to share with you now. Learning about my body, I found out that over time we pick up what I am going to refer to as “stuff”. This stuff is more specifically parasites and worms. When I learned of the possibility that I could have this stuff in my body, I was like NO WAY!!!!! I resigned the fact that because I do eat meat and eat food that is mass produced I could be lugging around stuff. Stuff over time slows our systems down and can negatively affect our bodies.

The great news is that this is very easily remedied. When you go to the drug store and get a “medicine” for parasites and worms it may have 2-3 active ingredients that will help with eliminating your stuff. Organic GINGER essential oil has over 40 constituents that help fight off and eliminate stuff! YES, YES, YES! The protocol for a parasite/worm cleanse is to take an organic Ginger capsule three times a day right before your meal. You do this for one week and that will kill of all of the adults, but it will not kill off the eggs that may have not hatched. Week two you don’t do anything, and eat normally. Week three you repeat week 1 taking an organic Ginger capsule three times a day before a meal for the entire week. This is an effective cleanse, but if you feel it’s too strong for you you can always ease off this dosage. Listen to your body, and if you need to even stop the cleanse for any reason, do so.

A Ginger Capsule is simply taking our USDA Certified Organic Ginger Essential Oil and placing 3-4 drops into a veggie capsule and filling the remainder of the capsule up with a carrier oil or even extra virgin olive oil. Once the capsule is full you place the lid on and roll the capsule between your hands to mix the oil and take it before your meal. Please do not take non-organic essential oils internally as any toxins (read: pesticides, herbicides, larvicides, etc. that are found in ALL non organic oils), those toxins in that oil will go strait to you liver and cause it to be more toxic and trust me it has plenty to deal with already without piling on. See that USDA organic seal on the side of that Ginger bottle below? That is an truly organic Ginger oil.

My experience with this parasite cleanse was at first a little rough. As they died off I felt sluggish and almost like I has a slight flew. Then I started to get more energy feel lighter and healthier. Doing nothing different in my routine I lost a couple of lbs, not too bad! That’s because organic Ginger essential oil also increases your digestion and is great for your whole digestive tract.  Don’t ever do more than one cleanse at a time, and give yourself a little time for your body to rest between cleanses. Do not take capsules for longer than is recommended. I recommend doing this once a year depending on your diet and health.

Ginger USDA


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Pain Ease for Pain Relief

Pain Ease

Our Pain Ease blend is our most powerful natural relief blend to bring fast relief. It was formulated with the best possible essential oils to provide natural pain relief. Not only does it help relieve pain quickly, but it helps relieve inflammation in the body, and it’s deeply restorative too. It goes deep into the tissues to support muscles, ligaments, and cartilage helping keep the pain away longer. 

Pain Ease 5One of the best aspects of our Pain Ease blend is that it is all natural, fast acting, and when properly used, it has no negative side effects. Simply apply it topically to your painful areas, and give it a couple minutes to absorb. You will feel a cooling, soothing, pain relieving action. Simple and healthy. That’s the way we like it!


Pain Ease blend is so good for pain and inflammation issues, we want you to try it for yourself!


Pain Ease

15 ml of this pure, organic and wildcrafted, high quality essential oil blend 

only $30.00 (limited time only!)

Use coupon code: EASE to get this price (must be entered at checkout)

Try our best selling Pain Ease blend today


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How to Tell if Your Orange Oil is Actually Organic

How to Tell if Your Orange Oil is Actually Organic

It’s tricky in the market today to know if an essential oil is actually organic or not. How can one really tell? Thankfully there is a 100% reliable way to be able to tell if an essential is truly organic or not.

Just like food, you want to see the USDA organic seal right on the label of the bottle. If that USDA organic seal is not on the label, then that oil is not organic. That’s it. There is no company out there that is actually selling organic essential oils but just not putting it on the label, because that is illegal in this country. So look for the USDA organic seal on the label for higher quality, pesticide free, organic essential oil.

Sweet orange is one of my favorite citrus essential oils. Talk about a mouth watering, sweet, citrus blast. Because Purify’s organic Orange oil is certified organic, it’s ultimately clean and pure, with no trace of pesticides. Sweet orange essential oil has many amazing benefits.

Orange is a mood lifter, and It helps calm anxiety, depressed, or negative moods. The smell is so sweet and fresh that it lifts your mood with just a quick whiff. Diffuse it for a citrus-y heavenly scented room. If you use it like this it also stimulated the right side of the brain, or creative thinking, dance, art, and music.

Orange is also amazing for the skin. It is good for collagen production, and blood flow, all of which are essential for anti-aging. This can help smooth wrinkles and fine lines overtime. Add it to your skin.

Orange is also an amazing cleaner and de-greaser. This is why it’s put in so many cleaning products. You can use pure orange (and lemon!) oil in your home cleaning products for healthy green cleaning that is good for you and your brain.

Order Organic Orange Essential Oil Now!

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Spring Equinox is Upon Us


Even as I write this it is snowing outside, but Spring is right around the corner! The Spring Equinox is on March 20, bringing in the Spring we’ve been waited for. Did you know the nights are longer than the days in the winter? The Spring, or Vernal equinox is one of the two days of the year when the day and the night are perfectly equal in length. Days after the Spring equinox are longer than the nights until the Autumn equinox when the cycle starts again.

The Spring Equinox has been celebrated by ancient peoples as a monumental event with even some spiritual meanings. Spring has always been associated with change, cleansing, and new beginnings. Spring brings the birth of baby animals, the blooming of bright flowers and vegetation, and the purging of spring cleaning. It is during this time people naturally make an effort to cleanse out the old energies in themselves and their homes.

There is no better way to use essential oils than for change, cleansing, and new beginnings during this time of Spring. Essential oils can be used both for spring cleaning your home and for purging old energies and detoxing yourself. Here’s some of the essential oils I’ll be using:

Clean and Clear Blend

Clean and Clear 8-10-16orderNOW

If you haven’t yet tried this blend you are in for a real treat. It was formulated for two purposes: to clean and to clear. It cleans…deeply cleaning and disinfects. This is the ideal blend to do all your spring cleaning with. It smells so fresh and citrus-y, clean and refreshing. It comes with instructions on how to make a disinfecting mister bottle to clean all around your home: the bathroom, the kitchen, toilet handles, faucet handles, doorknobs, making your home clean and fresh. The best thing about this blend is it was formulated to be safe for your kids, children, and pets.

The second purpose of this blend is to clear energy. It has deep clearing power due to the oil it contains, to literally clear away bad and negative energy from your energetic layers and your home. Use it in a mister to spray around your bedroom, home, office, or workspace to clear away negative energy that lurks there and makes you tired. Amazing for body workers to use between clients.

Energy Boost Blend

Energy Boost orderNOW

If you’re feeling the winter blues dragging on and need a little pick-me-up, try our Energy Boost blend. It works quick to bring you a boost of energy and concentration, and it smells amazing. Use this when you feel tired, when you need to get up and get going, if you have to sit through a long class, if you have to drive late at night, etc. Anytime you need an energy boost use this one.

Red Mandarin

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Our organic Red Mandarin essential oil is unlike any other you have tried. Fresh and sweet, pure citrus bliss! Red Mandarin oil is one of my favorites to use for emotional issues. It is one of the few essential oils that targets the inner child and allows emotional release. It works for adults and kids, and is especially beautiful for the elderly. Kids love it, and it’s a great bright oil to use with all kids. Red Mandarin is an uplifting and brightening oil that is life transforming. Give this one a try!

Enlighten Blend

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It is hard to adequately describe our Enlighten blend. It was formulated from an ancient love potion. But it is more than just an aphrodisiac. I have found it has very unique and powerful energetic qualities. Inhaling it almost instantaneously clears the mind and upper energy centers all the way down to the heart. Really incredible for clarity and energy. Enlighten blend can be used with anyone for a pick me up, for energy clearing, clarity, and everything to do with ‘Spring’ energy.

The Chakra Blends

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It’s always a good time to get your body’s energy channels balanced and functioning! Purify Skin Therapy’s chakra blends are highly energetic and work fast to bring your body’s energies into balance and alignment. The Chakra blends are multi-functional and can be used in so many ways. They are good for massage, bodywork, reflexology, zoning, or just working with your loved ones.

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I hope you enjoy using essential oils this time of year. As always, Purify Skin Therapy is unique in that we are the ONLY company to offer you essential oils and blends that are ONLY organic and wildcrafted. The highest quality available, carefully hand picked by our Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. we think you will love them. Order yours today!


Holly Draper. MS AROMA, RA, CCAP

Founder and Formulator of Purify Skin Therapy

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