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Carrier Oils 101

Carrier Oils 101 What are they and how do you use them? When using essential oils it is very important to know what a carrier oil is. I get so many questions about this I figure it is worth explaining and clarifying. Essential oils are the most concentrated form of the plant we have access […]

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Cooped Up? Feeling Cabin Fever?

After being cooped up in the house all winter, I can feel the stuffiness in my home as we have kept all the windows and doors closed in an attempt to keep the heat in. How can I clean the air and freshen up the house in these cold months? Essential oils are SUPERSTARS when […]

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What If Essential Oils Get HOT On My Skin? Learn from my mistakes!

Essential Oils 101 – Now That’s HOT! When I first started out using essential oils, I was so sure that everything I was doing was 100% correct. I was being taught by someone who proclaimed himself an expert. Turns our he had NO formal education in essential oils at all. I also thought his essential […]

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