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How and Why Purify Skin Therapy Was Created 

Purify Skin Therapy was a long time in the making, 7 years to be exact. Certified Master Aromatherapist, Holly Draper, has taken years of studying the very best and most healing things to put on your skin. She went on the hunt to find a great skin care line for herself only to find that even those high end and expensive lines that claim to be organic and good for you really aren’t. Finally Holly gave up and knowing what she wanted to put on her own skin, she started carefully formulating her own skincare. She used only the most healthy and rejuvenating ingredients that she wanted for her own delicate facial skin. And, of course every product has organic, pure, medicinal essential oils in it because of their amazing qualities for the skin.

Skin Therapy Formulations

Over the years she would tweak and adjust her formulations, trying different ingredients and different things. Her formulations became prized recipies of all natural healing ingredients that produced amazing results for her skin. Holly used her formulations for years, not planning to ever offer them publically. It was while teaching one of her Aromatherapy classes on skincare that she was telling her students what things to look for in good skin care. She was asked what she was using, and told them she could not find anything on the market that she liked so she had made her own. She was immediately asked to make some for the class, which she did.


Their overwhelmingly positive responses and desires for more sparked a desire in Holly to share her rejuvenating skin therapy with anyone who wanted the very best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer for their skin. And viola, Purify Skin Therapy was born. The new company was officially launched in August 2012 and has been changing the way people feel about their skin ever since. Purify Skin Therapy moisturizes dry skin, turns around the aging process, and helps all kinds of damaged skin. Our mission statement is to bring the most natural, wholesome, and healing ingredients to our customers for the highest quality skin therapy possible. No preservatives, no fillers, no GMOs, no harsh or harmful chemicals.

Only the very best Mother Nature has to offer.


Purify Skin Therapy donates 10% of all profits to charity.
Please visit www.PurifySkinTherapy.com for more information on skin therapy.

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