Cold Sores?!?

Do you get cold sores?

Painful, ugly, irritating little things…

Would you like a 100% natural remedy that works better than anything else?

I am pestered with cold sores, and the last 2 I got I simply applied a drop of Certified Organic Ravensara essential oil to the spot. I kept the oil on them, about 6 times a day, or whenever I felt it burning or itching. Both of these last 2 cold sores went away in a day or two…but they never bubbled up, or got bumpy, developed a scab, or anything! They remained a small red spot and then they were gone – the first one in a day, the second one in two days. You can also apply 5-7 drops down your spine to help boost your body’s defenses.

Ravensara is one of the most anti-viral essential oils and in my own experience works pretty amazingly on these pesky, irritating sores.

Be sure that you get Ravensara essential oil which smells like licorice (not to be confused with Ravintsara essential oil that smells similar to eucalyptus oil). Many companies sell Ravintsara labeled as Ravensara – very confusing! You need to be sure to get the right one.

Or just click here to get 100% pure Certified Organic Ravensara Essential Oil, and make those cold sores disappear!

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