Dawn Testimonial Part 1- Smell the Difference!

Hello, my name is Dawn Dart and I thought that I would finally formally introduce myself. I started working for Holly Draper, owner of Purify Skin Therapy and Certified Medical Aromatherapist, this past spring. At that time, I had been successfully using essential oils for just over a year. It took me a long time to finally decide to try the oils that everyone seemed to be talking about. My daughter was six at the time and was having problems with bed wetting. Up to that point we had tried limiting fluids, waking her up in the night and had discussed the issue with a doctor more than once.

After doing some online research, I decided to order some Cypress oil from a well known essential oil company. I rubbed the oil on my daughter’s abdomen before bed. For the first three nights, she still was waking up wet. I had considered giving up, but was out of other ideas, so I kept at it. She was dry that fourth night! I continued to use the oil for two more weeks, but she was consistently dry and didn’t need any more after that. I was hooked! A natural supplement that could cure bed wetting? I needed to try more! So I attended a class and was talked into being a distributor for this essential oil company. Over the next few months, I successfully used essential oils to cure strep throat, manage depression, heal ear infections and more! I wasn’t actively selling the product, but I was using them regularly and taking advantage of my wholesale discount. After a few months though, I realized I was buying oils faster than I could consume and I decided that buying them retail price would actually save me some money.

Shortly after that time, a mutual friend introduced me to Holly. I was wanting to earn some income from home and Holly needed some help marketing her growing business. So here I am, the woman behind the posts, but only the formatting of the posts. All of the knowledge, application tips and amazing skin care and blends come from Holly Draper. I have learned so much about the safety of applying oils. I had not been taught this previously and was scared to learn that oils I had been using on my children were not safe for them. Not only that, I had been told by other distributors that the oils I was using were pure and I assumed them to be organic. I learned that that was false, as it is for the majority of essential oil companies. Learning about the importance of oils being sourced from organic and wildcrafted farms was eye opening for me.

So I ordered some new oils from Purify Skin Therapy and started to try them out. I compared lavenders from two other companies to Purify Skin Therapy’s lavender. I was SHOCKED to realize I could honestly SMELL the difference in quality. If you can smell the pureness of an oil, you will only want to use those oils from then on. I still use some of my other oils for house cleaning and a drop or two in the bath tub, but I don’t care to rub it directly to my skin knowing that harmful chemicals are contained in those bottles. Although they do contain healing properties in them, they also contain risk.

Be sure to check back on Friday, for part 2 of my testimonial and to hear about my favorite products!


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