2 Ingredients to Avoid

Having extensively researched skin care ingredients, and knowing my natural ingredients from not natural ingredients, it is STILL unbelievable to me that people make products containing synthetic ingredients and harsh synthetic chemical preservatives and still tell people they are making natural products.

The worst part is that most people believe them.

Unfortunately, it is almost always the case. Someone tells you they make a great natural lotion or moisturizer, and ask you to try it. My suggestion: read the label first.

2 ingredients you want to look for … and avoid:

Emulsifying wax (E-Wax)
Most emulsifying wax is at best a cheap, bulking agent, that is an easy synthetic chemical compound to use to give volume and thick texture to lotions. It’s mostly composed of alcohols and animal products, that does nothing but clog your pores and chronically dehydrate your skin. Notice that on most “handmade” lotions it is in the first 4 ingredients – not good. There is a very rare (and expensive) non-animal product containing version of E-Wax, but even this best version of “E-Wax” comes with this warning: Because of its heavily manufactured nature, alcohol content, and post-production residue which includes polysorbates, this material cannot be considered a benign “natural additive.”

Germaben, or Germaben II
Notice this harsh synthetic preservative most used by “hand crafters” ends with “-BEN”. That would be because it’s a paraben. Parabens are the most common preservatives used in skin care, but they are toxic, synthetic, sticky molecules that stick in the layers of your skin and release chemicals and hormone mimicking agents into your blood stream that can throw your delicate hormones out of balance. They also can cause a myriad of other health issues that you would never believe came from that “homemade” lotion you spread all over your skin.

These 2 always amaze me, because people who use these synthetic chemicals will always tell your their products are all natural and chemical free. I guess you just have to be careful, and know better.

Purify Skin Therapy’s skin care products are synthetic chemical free, alcohol free, wax free, synthetic preservative free, filler free, completely 100% natural and healthy products.

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