Liquid Gold Hand & Body Moisturizer

Do you love a good moisturizer? Do you love chocolate? How about a moisturizer that is pure healing nutrition for your skin and smells like chocolate?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you will love Purify Skin Therapy’s Liquid Gold Hand & Body Moisturizer. Lotions and moisturizers bought at the store are up to 95 percent fillers, extenders, alcohols, waxes or synthetic chemicals. Our Liquid Gold Moisturizer is made from 100 percent all natural ingredients. Even the chocolate scent is natural!

Liquid Gold Moisturizer deeply nourishes and protects your skin. The 100 percent natural healthy ingredients allow your skin to function properly. Not only can it do amazing things for dry and damaged skin, it works well for eczema and itchy skin.

Apply Liquid Gold Moisturizer wherever you have dry skin. A little goes a long way. Gently rub it into your skin and allow one minute to soak in. Repeat if necessary.

Purify Skin Therapy got its name because the products we create are all natural, deep healing and filled with nutrition for our skin and bodies. It is literally therapy for your skin!

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