Take the Challenge: Smell the Difference!

I have a challenge for you. For those of you whom are already customers and those who are sitting on the fence, please take this challenge. The first time I ever met with Holly in person, she gave me the smell test. I smelled common oils from Purify Skin Therapy and then smelled the same oil from a few other well known essential oil companies. I had always liked to smell of Lavender, which I use often in a warm bath to reduce stress and make my skin feel soft. I thought the brand of essential oil I had been using was the highest quality of essential oil that there is on the market. I was literally shocked (and disappointed I might add) that by simply smelling the two oils next to each other, Purify’s oils smelled more pure. The other brand of oil actually smelled weird to me after smelling Purify’s Lavender. Hmmm . . . so that is what an organic essential oil smells like!

It has been awhile since I took that test and I decided to do it again yesterday and tried it out with my husband. I still am using oils I have from the other brand that I use for house cleaning and such. I asked my dear husband to take the smell test and had him close his eyes. I didn’t want to chance him telling me what I wanted to hear and not what he honestly thought. He doesn’t really love the smell of Lavender, so when I had him smell Purify’s Lavender, he shrugged is shoulders and said, “K.” Then I immediately had him smell the other brand and he instantly pulled away from the bottle and said, “Uck, the first one.” He honestly did not think that he was going to be able to smell a difference at all, nor did he really care what they smelled like. He was as shocked as I had been!

So that is my challenge to you. Smell the difference of Purify Skin Therapy’s oils compared to the company that you are using now. If you don’t want to purchase a bottle to take the challenge, visit us at one of our live classes and we will be happy to let you take the challenge there. We would love to hear about your experience!

Do you currently have more than one brand of oils in your medicine cabinet? Quick, go compare the smell side by side and come back and tell us what you think in the comments!

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