Allergy Relief Essential Oil Blend

Allergy Relief Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil blend was formulated for relief of seasonal allergy reactions. It can bring quick relief to people who suffer from allergic reactions to pollen, plants, and seasonal irritants.

At the very first sign of symptoms, drop 2-3 drops into the palm of your hands, rub hands together, and cup them over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply.

Or drop 2-3 drops onto a cotton ball and hold this right under the nose and inhale deeply.

For itchy, red, watery eyes you can take a glass mister bottle with 1/2 oz. water in it and drop 5-10 drops of Allergy Relief into the water. Shake well and mist over face for seasonal allergy relief.

Testimonials for Allergy Relief Essential Oil Blend

I have suffered many years with Spring Allergies. Each year I think I will not get them because of the efforts I had made to eat healthy. Such were my thoughts again Spring 2014. Much to my dismay, the allergies hit with a vengeance. I was sneezing, eyes watered, runny nose, and I felt miserable. The next evening I attended Holly’s class and asked her what I could do for allergies. That night I put drops of her allergy oil on a cotton ball and breathed in the aroma. The symptoms went away completely. If I happened to sneeze the following days, I would reach for the cotton ball and breathe in deeply. My symptoms never returned. What a wonderful, enjoyable Spring it was!Thanks Holly!

I was even more impressed when the same oils diffused into the air helped my sons’ allergic reactions to
animal dander, which he had since he was very young. He and his wife visited her parents’ home where he had never been able to spend much time because of his intense allergic reaction (sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and difficulty breathing) to animals. I called him shortly after his visit and asked how his allergies were. He told me, “Mom, I had no reaction!” I didn’t really believe him completely until he stayed for an extended period of time and after asking him how the allergies were he again told me that he had no reaction and that he even “gave the dog a hug.” What a blessing Holly’s oils have been in our lives!” ~Merlene
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