Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Anger, Rage, & How to Use Essential Oils

Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Anger, Rage, & How to Use Essential Oils

has been a lot of discussion lately about emotional disorders like
depression and anxiety. Talking about this difficult topic is an
enormous step forward on the road to supporting those who suffer. One
question I am often asked is: Which natural remedies work for depression and anxiety? And this is often followed-up with something like: Can essential oils REALLY help?

With a recent study showing a link between anti-anxiety medications and dementia[1],
there is more reason than ever to choose essential oils instead of
pharmaceuticals. I know it’s hard to imagine that inhaling a “nice
aroma” could alter your body’s chemistry and imbalances that lead to
mood disorders, but here are three essential oils that research has
shown can help ease depression and anxiety.
One essential oil that stands out for depression is bergamot. Many citruses are acknowledged for their uplifting effects, but bergamot is particularly powerful.

What about anxiety? Another study conducted in
Taiwan in 2011 provided clearer and more powerful evidence. The authors
selected elementary school teachers, who are known to constantly work
under significant stress, and used an inhalation of bergamot
essential oil as the method of administration; they focused on the
physiological stress signals that are easy to record and straightforward
to interpret. They found that even a 10-minute-long weekly inhalation
of aromatherapy resulted in a significant reduction of blood pressure
and heart rate, and drove autonomic nervous activity toward a balanced

Anti-Stress Blend

Lavender: 5 drops
Ylang ylang: 3 drops
Bergamot: 2 drops

Blend the oils and add 3 drops to a full bath or use a foot or hand
bath once daily. Adding this formula to liquid soap and using it daily
in the shower is an effective alternative, too.

Clary Sage is Your Essential Oil Elevator!

Use Clary Sage every time you are feeling depressed. It is a hormone regulator and it lifts you one level from depression when you inhale it. It can help you feel lighter, less depressed, and less sad. A great anti-depressant! 

While essential oils are wonderful aids for wellness, depression and anxiety are serious mood disorders. You do not have to face this struggle alone.
If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety,
please seek the attention of a trusted physician, naturopath, or mental
health provider, who may in fact suggest an aromatherapy regime.

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